Sunday, July 13, 2008

I'm a sucker for most things 'cute'...but this just tops them all.

From Brooke Schwab Photography

This picture is too adorible for words. Nuff said.

In other I got my first look at what a pastor wife's life would be like. Mark had an opportunity through his seminary to do a guest sermon for a small town in Minnesota. We met at 6am and drove for about an hour through beautiful Minnesota country side. When we got there we were just flored by the welcoming and personal gretting from all. Anyways, Mark did great! He is very good at explaining so that people can really relate it to their own lives. I felt very proud to be his partner. We stood at the exit as people started to leave and got to at least shake hands, but mostly converse, with the entire congregation. As we were leaving, the woman who was Mark's contact person and helped set everything up gave me a hug and whispered 'get that guy to marry you'. I was like, lady, I'm with ya!

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