Monday, August 18, 2008

100 things that make me happy...a work in progress...

This is a list that I think is so fun to make and if I am ever feeling down, I will be reminded of all the wonderful things in my life and the world.

Work in progress. Here is 1-13.

#1 Spring. The first day after winter when it feels like spring and you can roll down your windows and bask in the sun is one of the greatest feelings ever. After a long, cold Minnesota winter a 50 degree day feels absolutely balmy!
#2 The feeling after yoga; light, graceful, and peaceful. What could be better? When I come out feeling like a graceful ballerina. I wish I were an actual ballerina (obviuosly)…but this is a close second.
#3 Getting a haircut. I love that you get to have your head massaged while they shampoo your hair and the feeling of the swingy and suddenly new seeming hair on my head. Ah the little things :)
#4 Paying off a credit card/bill.
#5 Not having to work at work ie. sitting at the computer blogging while getting paid.
#6 Adopting from a shelter. Saving as many animal lives as possible (within reason).
#7 The cabin. Enough said.
#8 Fall. The smell of leaves, the beautiful trees, and the crisp air just to name a few.
#9 Feeling completely organized. A rare treat.
#10 When I feel Mark's arm around me.
#11 Forehead/nose kisses. So sweet :)
#12 Ana Christina Kurtz. Just a little peach of a girl.

#13 That Christmas morning is still whimsical to me. I cannot wait to help my own children experience the joy that Christmas brings (and teach them the importance of the day).

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