Monday, August 4, 2008

Elegant vintage with a touch of whimsical. My offical theme?

I honestly don't know how people have time to write their own blogs as well as read all the new posts in their Google Reader everyday...right now I have 744 posts left to read. I think one time I was down to 300, but then I just lost it. But any little bit that I read brings me joy, which is the important thing. Anyways I thought I would post so I have it saved, the idea decor picture that I have been saving. It is absolutely perfect, and I can't think of a thing I would want to add or delete.

All photos from

I'm in love. I'm also in love with a man.

How do you suppose I would go about getting any of this stuff. Obviously it couldn't be exactly the same. I guess thats ok. Those plates. I need those plates. They make the table. Where can I get 200 antique looking plates? I might be fighting a losing battle with that one. :(

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jessica lynn said...

the pictures are beautiful! however, i ran into the same problem as you when I was trying to re-create a was going to be costly!!! the antique plates and all that draping will cost you $$$. But its worth it!! :)