Monday, August 18, 2008

Flowers, lockets, and candles, oh my!

With all the wedding blogs out there its really hard to stay with one kind of color combination/style. That is why I think ivory/white, moss green/green, and natural/beige are the best because they will look sophisticated 1 year and 10 years away. This bouquet below is just perfect no matter what and I think it will always look classic and stunning. I'm thinking of wrapping the stems with some significant fabric (possibly a portion of grandma's wedding dress to bring hope for longitivity, love, and fertileness in the marriage, because they did/do!). I also really want to buy lockets for all the bridesmaid and myself that we can wrap around our bouquets and then can wear as necklaces afterwards. A great store on etsy does just that :) Lost and Fawned. Or this one from Sea Unicorn .

I can also see, as a great compliment to my bouquet the bridesmaids each holding white peonies. I have no idea if that is too expensive for my imaginary budget, but I think it would be just lovely! Kind of like this, but maybe without the ribbon, and less flowers :)

1st pic by Jasmine Star, 2nd pic from

Just yesterday I also saw a great idea for table centerpieces that look beautiful and also not very expensive! Are these peonies too?

How simple and gorgeous! Just the theme I am looking for. So does this mean I have all the flowers picked out?

Last pic from Martha Stewart.

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