Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hope and love about the 1st year of marriage...from a man!

This is taken from Gabriel Ryan's blog, a photographer in California. What he says about the first year of marriage is so cute and full of hope. He is my kind of guy (and madly in love with his wife, which in itself is adorable)!

they say it's the hardest. they say that, and to be honest, i wish i knew who 'they' were. in fact, i am calling out the 'they's... right here... right now. i mean, how are you going to make a statement like that and not follow up with some hope.

for me, i will cling to hope. i have been called silly and illogical for trusting a God that, to be honest [again], i don't even always believe is there [or if He is... that He cares]. i have seen the looks from strangers when i make a comment about 'my wife,' knowing that they are playing out the odds in their heads of two twenty-somethings tying the knot. i know what the world says. but i will cling to hope.

this past year has not been the easiest by any means. but this year has given me clarity into my soul unlike any other time during my short 26 years on this earth. and i owe most of that to my bride.

the love that carlie renee davis draws out of me comes from the deepest parts of my heart, the parts that i didn't even know were there. so, babe, thank you for choosing me. i love you through the sadness of my own selfishness and in spite of your own. i choose you, just the way you are. i couldn't be more excited & anxious to spend the next 60 years by your side. you are it.

our friend dane shared some advice with us as he walked us through the process, preparing for marriage. he said, 'if, at the beginning, you knew what you were getting yourself into, you would never choose marriage. but, at the end of your days, you wouldn't trade it for anything in this world.' i think i like that one better.