Saturday, September 20, 2008


I may have made up that word, who knows. Anyways, love these photos!

By Alicia Hurt

On another inspiring note, I've been looking through some of my saved blogs tonight and I'm definitely glad I did. I was feeling a down about the planning after some advice given by my aunt, and it has given me new updated mental inspiration. Basically my aunt called to help with the wedding planning process (which is sweet, and I know she's going to be a big help) but she said that my wedding in August is not going to feel good next to a large flame eruption (fish boil). Good point aunt Paula! Shoot, so that idea is out. So now I'm thinking of making a huge batch of my parents' pesto pasta with scallops and tomatoes for the meal. Mmmmmmmm it is so good and I feel like very easy to make in bulk! We'll see what A.P. (aunt Paula) says about that. She also wants us to change our ceremony time to later (around 5 or 6) b/c she said a 1 o'clock service is not going to be as good for multiple reasons. I agree and am so glad for her guidance. Anyway, on to the lovely and inspiring pics.

By Tiffany Aicklen - just gorgeous!!!

From Martha Stewart Weddings - these plates would go perfectly with my rustic/garden vintage charm/elegance
By Laura Novak - how beautiful is she?
By Tec Petaja Loving this sweet buttercream inspiration board by Snippet & Ink, that with the green and white, oooooooh!
Again by Tec Peteja - I'll be using ribbon instead of the whatever thats called and I found bowls of antique keys last time I was at an antique shop so I think they should be in easy supply!

I'm not going to blog about what Mark is doing for dinner tonight, because I'm not supposed to know, even though both sides are talking to me about it. Way to be sneaky guys.

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onesilentwinter said...

it is great to find inspiration! you have a wonderful eye!