Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ceremony & reception location booked! Only one problem...

Its official.

Saint Andrews Lutheran Church in Mohomedhi, Minnesota for the cememony.

The main sanctuary.

A map of the huge campus.

Camrose Hill Farm in Stillwater, MN for the reception.

This is the bonfire ring...where the possible fish boil will be!

The cottage on the left is so cute and vintage inside.
All these pictures were taken by a girl who got married there this summer.

If I was going to have the ceremony here this is where I would walk. There is a vine covered gazebo that most people stand in front of at the very end.

The problem is...we aren't technically 'engaged'. There was no proposal, no ring, nothing. We just realized that the two places were going to be gone if we didn't act quickly, like the same day. So there you have it. Not a fairy tale and I don't think my parents are thrilled. Although, knowing that we have a date is pretty exciting!

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