Wednesday, September 10, 2008

cont...'100 things that make me happy'...

#14 My family. Although when compared to some people's families mine can feel like a disconnected, confusing, cluster...over all I have to say I have a pretty amazing one. Yes, my parent's can drive me absolutely insane, but that's normal. Right? I think we are connected more than I realize and that no matter what, even if things get confusing, I think we all know there is love-aplenty. Not every family has that, and I believe it is the most important thing of all.
#15 My {future} family additions. I cannot say how immensely lucky I am to be able to call these people family someday. They are honestly the most kind hearted, welcoming, selfless people I have ever met.
#16 Imagining my future children. Is this stupid? I don't care. I like to think they will be exotically dark since Mark is half-Afghani, and half-English/Irish. Even if they turn out to be just plain ol' white kids, I'll love them just the same, it's just fun to imagine.
#17 The feeling when I eat healthy and then wake up the next day. My body just feels so much different if I eat cheese curds and chinese food vs. couscous, chicken and green beans.
#18 Getting any sort of massage. I think I have a weird love of being touched (not in that was your pervert). It just makes me calmer. Like a little baby. I think for the same reason I like being adjusted in yoga.
#19 Camping in the Boundary Waters. I haven't done this in many years, but I remember it being so fun and relaxing. Like real explorers!
#20 Popping my legs (in my hip joint)...its so satisfying.
#21 Nights out/or in with friends esp. while drinking and/or playing games.
#22 The first snow :)
#23 Knowing that I have the ability to win a Big Ten title but that running didn't take over my entire being while I was in college.
#24 That I know Mark is just as excited as I am to get married and start a life together.

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