Sunday, September 7, 2008

Discussion with daddy and a Fish Boil?!

I had brunch with my dad this morning for his birthday (58!). Both mom and Betsy were out of town so it was a nice moment with just the two of us. I brought up the wedding, and although he looked hesitant, he was willing to discuss everything with me. I think the reason he looked hesitant has to do with the fact that I am not engaged, and he is worried I am getting my hopes up too soon. Budget, my aunt, food, number of guests, festival singers (more on that later), and other topics were discussed. I think he was expecting to pay for the whole thing so when I brought up the fact that I was thinking about 3rding it I think he was able to breathe an invisable sigh of relief. Obviously this needs to be discussed with the 3rd party a little bit more, but hopefully everyone will feel like they're getting a little bit of a deal this way. There is also a little bit of a problem considering my whole family is supposedly from the 1800's and feels a wedding reception is thrown by the bride's mother. Um? My aunt is definitely very traditional and also has those views but in addition she is going to be a very important resource in many other ways (ex. getting my BM dresses and possibly bridal gown at a discount due to her being a clothing buyer and store owner for many years).

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Besides all these new issues, I had a brilliant and personalized idea while talking with my dad. Why not a fish boil?! For those who aren't familar with this term, please reference here. This yummy, buttery fish and potatoes with cherry pie meal is a Wisconsin tradition and Mark and I have always loved them for their fun process and delicousness. I'm also wondering if this will make things a lot cheaper b/c they are basically made in one (or two) bulk pot(s). Any thoughts? Unique, no?

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