Saturday, September 6, 2008

Updated color theme

light peach, soft green, bright yellow, charcoal, bright wood, vintage white/natural

*these fonts are not exactly the right colors but it shows the idea!

I just saw these photos on Next Exit Photography and they definitely gave me this new color inspiration for the peach (in the flowers), especially paired with pale green and my always favorite yellow.

what kind of flowers are these?

Update: Its getting closer. I can feel it. We talked about groomsmen suits/tuxes, ceremony location, and reception venue. He immediately vetoed my idea for the tan/khaki groomsmen-wear. I think that actually is a wise choice, and I will see if my 'charcoal' is close enough to black for him. He also vetoed my idea of having the ceremony at the garden farm like I wanted. I had a feeling this might be important to him, and I am willing to part with my idea if it means that much to him. I'm hoping what will happen is that he will see the venue and then agree that a ceremony there is just as meaningful and classic as a church wedding. He did very eaily agree to the reception at Camrose Hill Farms. I even called for openings and prices! $2200 isn't that much for a venue is it? annnnnnnnd they have opening next August, yesssssss. Hopefully we can do a tour next week and get it booked ASAP. Is that weird to have the venue booked without being engaged? I think it is.

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