Monday, November 17, 2008

Checklists, done, undone, rings, and feathers. Meant to be touched, just like you.

Wow...I can't believe how long its been since I've blogged last.

It's weird, now that I'm engaged and have a real budget, I feel bad that my parents have to pay so much, and planning isn't as fun as it was. I have a lot of guilt...
So although I haven't had nearly as much beautiful inspirational pictures to post, I have made a lot of headway in certain aspects. We have appointments in the next month for catering (we actually had one already but I was less than impressed), possible cupcakes (!), I have two appointments for dress shopping the week of Thanksgiving, flower consultation, and an appointment with the rental company. Whew! I also got the number of the girl who's wedding is the day after ours, so if things work out we could hopefully split the estimated $3000 cost of rentals. Oh and I also submitted our announcement to four newspapers, each of our hometown papers and the two major city papers.

Although I can't feel too good, on my list now are some overdue things, plus its not like we have anything officially booked anything else besides our two main sites.
-I want to ask my bridesmaids in fun/creative ways.
-We still need to get the list of guests from Mark's is very soon going to be 200 people, not what we were hoping for at all!
-Insure the engagement ring.
-Cheap friend DJ vs. expensive awesomely reviewed band.
-Do we need to start registering?

Mark's parents are also planning a small engagement party for us the day after Thanksgiving with some added relatives on each side. I'm super excited for that! I think that calls for a wardrobe update...don't you?

So that's why I haven't been posting, because its all boring stuff, nothing fun or pretty.

Until today that is! Two etsy sellers with some promising items.

The first I think would be a really cute way to ask my bridesmaids, which could solve at least one thing on my checklist. The are simple hammered silver rings that you can engrave with whatever you want. I'm not sure I know what I'm going to say exactly yet. Something simple like, "will you be my bridesmaid?" or something beautifully written and meaningful. From the etsy shop of Delias Thompson.

The other store, Moth Love, is absolutely breathtaking! Here is what she says on her website:
"Hand plucked feathers sustain my creative hand. This bird has nourished my body, now mind…now yours. Leather, bi product, sustain. Moth Love creates from your waste. Heavy Toxins don’t belong to your hide, nor mine. Vegetable tanned scraps of leather replace my need. Landfills Waste not, want not...Moth Love is meant to be touched, just like you." Cute and so amazingly beautiful, right?

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