Monday, November 3, 2008

Polaroid Progress

I think I found the one!

Photographer :)

I realized, especially after seeing differences in photos on other wedding blogs, that photography (and also videography) for the day is very important to me. I love pictures and I want to be able to pull them out and smile when I think about all the people we love coming together to celebrate with us. Her name is Ai Ling and from what I can tell her style is exactly what I am looking for. Real!!! It is very obvious she is very talented especially when looking at her non-wedding work. It almost brings a tear to my eye; the emotion, movement, and drama that she captures in her work. We are meeting on Friday to look at more of her portfolio and discuss everything. Plus, plus, plus, she is super reasonable in price and lives in Minnesota. Yaaaaaaaaaaay!!
Here is just A LOT of photos from her portfolio that I love (because I can). All photos by Ai Ling Photography. Enjoy!

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Heather from the bar said...

That is awesome! Congratulations!