Wednesday, November 5, 2008

That from this? Not so simple.

Garden/bright green, white, weathered wood.

This inspiration board by Snippet & Ink has many spot on components.

Especially those green bridsmaid dresses with those amazingly beautiful bouquets and the mismatched vases holding centerpiece flowers for the table! Absolutely what I am looking for. Absolutely.

Peach, ivory, grey (I would probably go more charcoal), pale green.

Antoher inspiration board by the talented Snippet & Ink.

Look at all those great ideas! PERFECT peach colored peonies (right? I'm bad with flowers), a great table set-up, cake is just right (not too much 'stuff', but just something simple and pretty), and lavender insect repelent (probably necessary).


Ahhh! Does anyone else struggle with putting all these amazing images in your head or on the internet into actual elements in your wedding? It seems so non tangible and expensive.


Heather from the bar said...

oooh the peach and grey is my favorite! Originally I wanted grey with pale pale pink and white, but that proved a little too feminine for Bryan, so we changed it to shades of grey and bright marigold :) Once you nail down the colors, things will be come totally tangible, and very affordable if you do it right :)

Mollie said...

cool! Thanks for the tip, I hope mine isn't too feminine for Mark...right now he's just kinda like 'sure, whatever'.