Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Advice pleeeeeeeease!

Dear blog world,

Okay you few that read my blog, I need your help. We are in a pickle and I am at a loss for what to do without disappointing myself or someone else. Either way, I will be sad. I can't think of anyway that I won't. Here is our problem. My fiance works at a church, and would like to get married there (he is currently in seminary to be a Lutheran pastor). The 4 o'clock time was already taken but the 1 o'clock was still available when our reception site was so we quickly grabbed it. Now here is the problem. We want to serve dinner and have dancing into the night. I honestly didn't think it would be a problem until my mom and aunt got into the picture. They said nobody would stay that long and I am going to be disappointed when the guests all leave at 7pm. Now what fiance and I were planning was to hopefully move the wedding up 30 minutes, and when everything was said and done it would be 3pm by the time everyone was over to the reception site. We thought it would be fun to have some yard games (badmitton, bocce ball, beanbags, horeshoes, etc) and then start cocktail hour at 4pm. Then we thought dinner at 5pm (mom and aunt don't think anyone eats dinner that early) and then music for a maximum of 4 hours (we have to be quiet at 10pm). Both mom and aunt think this will never work and blah blah blah. Now I respect what aunt has to say since she does help many girls with their wedding planning, but still. I feel icky about this. Mom and aunt think the solution is to depart from the wedding and then return to the reception site at 5 or 6 to start things again. They said we should just give them ideas of stuff to do in the city in the meantime. I don't know, to me this seems strange. Please any advice would be wonderful!

Much hugs,


Heather from the bar said...

Ok, here are my thoughts. Some people will not want to be at your wedding all day. Not all the people, but that one random uncle or someone. So if you do the all day thing, you have to expect that people will leave right after dinner is done. However, if you know all of your guests really well and you keep everyone 100% occupied the whole time, then go for it. Maybe, oh maybe, you can give people two options. 1 is to leave and come back a few hours later. It is a little strange, I had to do it for a recent wedding I went to, but my fiance and a few friends and I just hit up a local bar for a drink in between. option 2 is to come to your reception venue and hang out/play games/whatever you would have had them done during the all day wedding. That way people have an option, they can choose what to do. All you need to do is keep them occupied and they will be fine. I hope this helps!
(I was looking forward to dinner and dancing for my wedding, until i learned that the latest mass time was 2:00. Now we are having a 10:00 am wedding with cocktails and appetizers afterwards :) ) oh yeah, an 5:00 isn't too early for dinner if they got to your ceremony at 1:00, they will want to eat!

Mollie said...

oh my gosh Heather you are so helpful. I appreciate it so much!