Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Engagement pictures

No not my engagement pictures. I wish. Unfortunately we will not be doing our engagement photos until it is again warm out. Which in Minnesota is literally June. Part of the reason we are waiting is because we want to take them up at their family cabin, and although there would probably be some fun one's in the snow, we would rather have them be summery. I picture so many fun photos, especially the last one, where I picture us holding hands and jumping off the dock into the lake! I can't wait. I was just looking through photographer Amy Squires website and saw many cute engagement pictures I would love to emulate. Especially that last one!

In other news, I started doing facials yesterday. I will keep them up until the wedding and then decide if they are worth the $90. Yes its expensive, but they feel so good and make me feel like I just gave my face a soak in warm clouds for an hour. I'm not good with keep my money, as if you haven't already noticed...
What else is it for?!


Anne said...

Your website has some great ideas. I'd love to do a link exchange with your blog!

Mollie said...

Thanks! What did you have in mind?