Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My dress (update)!

I found her. She is a knockoff Melissa Sweet, actually the Melissa Sweet in the post below. Only, almost $3000 cheaper! I guess its absolutely impossible to find a picture of the actual dress online, but it is literally identical to the Melissa Sweet. Yaaaaaaaaay! It feels so nice to actually check something off the list (well, I will on Thursday when I get paid). I will be paying for it right then and there, which also feels aaaaaaaamazzzzzing.

We met with our florist today. I guess flowers don't often come in peach. Who knew? We also quickly blew our budget. Shoot. Well, I saved $1700 on my dress, so $300 is not too big of a deal.

Here is the best picture of what my dress looks like that I could find. By Melissa Sweet. Mine is by Marisa. Identical dresses. I'm thinking a Mantilla butt-length veil (haha what else is that called?).

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