Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bridesmaid dress and clearer picture of my dress :)

We went bridesmaid dress shopping yesterday with 3 of the 5 bm's and I all of a sudden got terrified that I didn't like my dress anymore. I hear this is a common phenomenon among brides. Luckily we were at Prisicilla of Boston (where my more expensive twin lives) so she pulled it out for me to see what they looked like next to each other. Don't worry. I still loooooooooove it! But the bridesmaid dresses, not so much. I mean they were pretty, just not amazing (which I obviously want). I was just going to settle but they all agreed that even though they were pretty dresses, they were not 'me'. So that feels good I guess. To know that my bm's are willing to wear what is 'me', even if they looked beautiful in something else. So I did a ton of searching last night online for just dresses. Not bridesmaid dresses. Just dresses that have personality, charm, character, etc....and of course after tonnnnnnnnnnns of searching I found one. Here she is.

I'd have the bow removed...and maybe add a small flower similar to mine on the hip. By Nanette Lapore.

My dress closer up and front & center. Swoooooon. I wanna wear it everyday!


The (future) Mrs. Wassinger said...

I noticed you found your Melissa Sweet dress at a discount. Do you mind sharing your trick? I want a dress from her Reverie collection and would love to get a better price, but can't stand the idea of a different dress.

Mya said...

Interesting.!! Both dresses are looking pretty fab.

Mollie said...

Of course! It is actually a knockoff of Melissa Sweet. The designer is Marisa. I know Marisa specifically make MS knockoffs but I don't know about Reverie. Sorry! I wish I could be of more help.